Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!

MAD #145 (Sept 1971)


  1. So this hippie is purposefully dying for our sins, and is in fact the most holy among us, and he willingly agreed to be crucified on a giant syringe to save our souls even though he was without sin, and presumably, not a druggie himself?

    If they're goin' for the Jesus metaphor, they've gotta think it through more carefully than that. I'm jus' sayin'.

  2. Hmmmm...In the context of the times I think they were going for the Hypocrisy Metaphor. Hippies were supposedly 'innocent' and had a more spiritual outlook on the world, yet they regularly debased themselves by acting in a manner that was the exact opposite of the ideals of the 'Make Love, Not War' generation.

    As Marv Wolfman once had a character point out in Teen Titans "The only legacy of the 60's is drug abuse and STD's"

  3. Trust MAD to take on the fatcats running the powerful heroin lobby. Way to stick it to the Man, Gaines!

    Actually, MAD could get pretty inflammatory. Maybe the only other publisher who went after Big Tobacco with such sharp satire was Larry Flynt.

    As for this ad, though, it's all shock and no substance. No one was promoting heroin as a a good thing the way pot and LSD were touted. And hippies were rarely junkies, since that's a habit that requires some serious commitment. Someone must have been looking at a syringe and thought, "hey, you know what would really be blasphemous?"

    Y;know, I feel sorry for all the non-Jesus people who got crucified over the millennia. It's not like anyone worries about disrespecting THEIR suffering.


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