Friday, April 28, 2006

On Those Recent Heroic Poses

By now everyone has seen the ASBARTBW #5 cover focusing on Wonder Woman's hindquarters and the response that reveals way more of Hal Jordan than I ever wanted to think about.

Meh. This is all a day late and a dollar short. Check out this panel from the May 2001 issue of Detective Comics #756 featuring Batman, Superman and Lois Lane.

I hope that dangly thing is Superman's foot.

If I want to see a large mammal-toe in spandex I'll just read Alex Ross' Justice #5.


  1. interesting that Wonder Woman's ass is so much smaller and more boyish than Green Lantern's.

    Tex Lebeauf

  2. "I hope that dangly thing is Superman's foot."

    Oh, I don't!

  3. Oh my God! It's a wonder Billy Batson doesn't just stay in his room all day after he says "Shazam."

    Hell, I would've at his age.


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