Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Price of Freedom is Eternal Crisis-ness


Metropolis, LuthorCorp News Agency, Wednesday, April 12, 2006:
Stung by allegations of sweetheart no-bid contracts and charges of wasteful spending by allowing thousands of very expensive OMAC robots to hover in the sky doing nothing at all for months on end, top level executives of the US Government have ordered all OMAC soldiers to be re-programmed and put to work for the Department of Homeland Security.

When critics voiced concern that the OMAC soldiers are actually people enslaved beneath a nano-machine shell that were conscripted into covert service against their knowledge and free will they were quickly dismissed by the White House. Speaking on condition of anonymity, one high level source reported, "All those people infected by OMAC nanotech that are out there flying around, securing our borders and checking cargo containers for their country won't remember a thing, anyway. It's like they are sleeping. But you, and they, can rest assured that they are doing their part to keep America safe."
Lana Lang gets hassled by "The Man" in Lois Lane #36 (Oct 1962)


  1. Them Omacs need to get crackin'. This is a good idea, or next thing you know there'll be thousands of Omacs floating around at the unemployment line.

    Livin' large on MY DIME!

    Damn Omacs.

  2. Yow. Old-school OMACs. One eye and everything. And since it's the '50s (or '60s?) you know they're controlled by a room-sized computer called OMACIAC.

  3. "Any non-authorized civilian found to be in possession of proscribed OMAC nanotechnology will be punished to the full extent of martial law. Anyone found to be infected with the proprietary OMAC virus will be charged with patent and copyright infringement."


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