Thursday, November 20, 2008

For us comic book geeks only

I didn't get the point of this...

Until I saw this...

Then it all made sense.

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  1. For a long time I figured the villain-taken-out-with-giant-decal maneuver was just some lazy storytelling. "Oh it's getting late, let's wrap this up in the next few minutes and roll the credits." But after awhile I began to suspect that this (and the subsequent amnesia-kiss) were an attempt to infuse Superman with a degree of wonder. Like saying, "He's Superman, you guys - nobody has any IDEA what he can and can't do!"

    That's important because at the time the Superman character was competing with brand-new cultural icons with seemingly unlimited potential, like Darth Vader. Superman had been around for forty years, and even non-comic-readers knew his powers from various TV shows. I think everyone except total newbies was thinking "WTF?!" when that decal trick happened.

    Did it work? Not really for me, but I like the impulse behind it. Superman OUGHT to inspire the same kind of awe that Batman does. He's supposed to be super-smart, not just super-tough. He SHOULD have some damn cool toys, like that decal. And he SHOULD know some totally kick-ass alien kung-fu that doesn't require him to be ultra-invulnerable and godly strong. And he SHOULD see the flaw in the villain's plans for world domination long before anyone else does, but spend most of his time trying to talk the bastard out of it instead of just pummeling him. Because he can, and because nobody else would.

    I mean, he's SUPERMAN, right?


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