Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Face of Change

The change of face.


  1. Hi My names Ryan. I'm a Canadian. I would like to officialy welcome back America to the international communtiy. Where have you guys been?! We missed you...

  2. It's fantastic.

    feels good to be alive. :-)

  3. So much for powdered wigs, mutton chops, and old white guys. ;-)

  4. uh, Clinton wasn't wearing a powdered wig, his hair was naturally gray. The only powdered thing around him was a donut.

  5. Is Lincoln nervous about posterity seeing his double chin? Don't worry, dude, nobody thinks you're fat. You're on the same page as W.H. Taft, for god's sake! In fact, Obama and that animated corpse to your upper right may just be the only men on the page skinnier than you. You didn't need to grow that neckbeard.


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