Monday, November 10, 2008

Introducing the Sleestak High-Steppers

Maybe catering to the Hannah Montana/High School Musical demographic by featuring a big Bob Fosse-inspired song and dance number performed by tap-dancing Sleestaks in the upcoming Land of the Lost film isn't the best way to fill the seats of a movie theater.

Looking at this picture I can envision fifty Sleestaks hissing in harmony while they tap their way down the steps:

LOST! Where we are...we haven't a clue!

LOST! Ohhhh, you are too!

Baby, I don't want to be lost with anyone but you!

Marshall, Will and Holly are not even related in this version? Way to lose the dynamic, guys. Anna Friel is cast not as daughter Holly, but the love interest? Sorry, but I won't be able to get over the familiar expectation of the three of them being father, son and daughter in my mind. But that would be an entirely different film. I like Anna Friel but I just don't see any sexual tension there with Ferrell. I would put forth the only sexual tension Ferrell generates is between him and the audience waiting for him to screw up a scene.

I've been waiting years for a hard SF cinema version of the classic show and I guess this isn't it. I honestly hope I'm wrong but the more I hear and read about this project the less confidence I have in it. Guess I'll be waiting for a long, long time for a reboot once this Will Ferrell vehicle bombs science fiction cinema back to the stone age and ties up the licensing and rights for another decade or two.

On the bright side the Sleestak High-Steppers would totally own their interpretation of Steam Heat.


  1. I read "Will Ferrel" and "sexual tension" and my brain exploded. Argh.

  2. Oh, this is going to be SO gloriously bad ...

    Sleestaks scared the hell out of me when I was a little kid. This is just RUINING long-cherished childhood terrors, I tells ya!


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