Sunday, November 16, 2008

Questions that need answers

1) What was the name of the science fiction film that featured a couple of hostile aliens found on the moon, one of which looked like a drag-strip racing timing light and the other a floating leathery sphere that ate astronauts?   
OK! Found it! Mission Mars (1968).

2) What was the comic strip in Boy's Life magazine (I'm confident the strip is not The Tripods or Space Conquerors) that featured a stranded astronaut and his savage companion? 
Ok! It was a version of Al Stenzel's Space Conquerors. Long-running series that changed over the decades. The one I was familiar with featured Kurt and Primo as the astronaut and the native, respectively.

3) Was that really Patrick Swazye dancing in the Stevie Nicks Stand Back video?

4) What issue of an adult magazine is this from?

5) What old comic book is it that has on the cover two hillbillies carrying a pig between them? 
Answer: Red Seal #16.

6) What Uncle Scrooge story had him putting all his money in a rolling bank vault so the Beagle Boys couldn't steal it?

7) Who wrote and drew Journey to the Sun
Answer: I thought it was Lee Elias but this commenter is reporting it to be Ray Bailey.

8) What ad featuring Kelly LeBrock did this image originate from?

9) What does the design on Kono's jacket mean
Ok! I'm hearing it was an apology from the artist over some work he used as inspiration.

10) Who is the cartoonist who drew Otto Look?

11) Looking for an original item or good photo/scan of a 1980s t shirt design "The Assassination of Garfield the Cat". If you see it you'll know it.

12)  Who is the man profiled in the 3rd newspaper?


  1. oooooo I know #6. I'll have to find that book!!!

  2. I had a 45 record in the early 60s with the Uncle Scrooge story. I think it was called "Uncle Scrooge and the Money Rocket". He decides to send all his money on a rocket to the Moon where it will be safe, then realizes that he can't get to it himself.

  3. Re: Uncle Scrooge and the Money Rocket - That's it! Scrooge McDuck wants to keep his money safe from the "thievin" Beagle Boys. After the rocket blasts off, Jiminy Cricket reminds McDuck that now that the money is on its way to the moon, how will he get there as well?! Uncle Scrooge replies in his Scottish accent, "Oh no! Now I'll have to go ta work and earn my millions all over again!"


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