Monday, September 26, 2005

Catwoman: Where is this from?

I'd swear that this drawing of Catwoman is based on actress Kelly LeBrock and that I've seen this somewhere else as a photo.



  1. close, I know there is one that is dead on somewhere, maybe a shampoo ad or something

  2. She had a famous ad in the '80s "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" by Pantene, I think.
    Kelly Lebrock (Or Le Brock)

    Impossible to find the pics now. She had very curly hair and had a "kind look".

  3. Jim Balent doing a photo swipe? I strongly doubt that. Where on earth would he find photos of women looking anything like his art? The man owns more circle templates than Office Depot, but I can't see him meddling with a pantograph.

    Then again, that was the month that every DC comic did a head-shot cover, so as to remove all doubt that head-shot covers are a damned awful idea. So I wouldn't be too surprised if Balent cranked out a quickie by pulling a shampoo ad out of the Sunday paper and saying, "yeah, that's an okay pose, they can flip it digitally after it's inked."


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