Friday, September 30, 2005

Gallery of my rejected header pics

I've been wanting to put a photo in the blog header for a while now because I like how it looks in some others, but none of the pics I could find really did it for me. Here's the photos I was considering using for the header until I found that great b/w one about a Paris museum display.

Some desk-top statue, but I liked it for the pulpy Howard theme.

I don't know where this is from, but...lady & skull.

I liked the optical illusion gag, but seemed too gothy for me.

This is kinda nifty art, but felt like it would be on a site selling henna tattoo supplies and crystals to college girls.

I dig this because of my nick, but I found a great Sleestak pic to use as my avatar so decided against it.

I thought about using this because it is annoying. But it was too annoying for me to look at every day.

Didn't even consider this, because it would be too weird.

It's a Land of the Lost comic, but it isn't associated with the Sid & Marty TV show. Additionally, the critter on the cover looks too much like Jar Jar so I rejected it.

Seriously considered the 'curling iron lodged in rectum' X-rays. I'll use them later this week in something else, though.

I really like this but the museum photo trumped it.

Kind of liked this for the bizarreness, but don't feel like giving them free advertising every day. Not that the 1 people that read my goofiness once a month would spike their quarterly earnings report any. I feel the same about t-shirts with logos. If I'm wearing a shirt that has a product logo on it then i got it for free. No way will I wear anything that advertises soemthing if I have to pay for it. That's the geatest scam ever!

"These kids'll pay $21.95 for a t-shirt with our cigarette/spark-plug/rock-band/ill-conceived comic relief character on it? a million of them. SUCKERS!"

I've got a pretty good one I considered but it's a real photo of me and I'm saving that for a free-association bitterness blog I'm building.

What I went with...



  1. I knew an art student who had a summer job as an x-ray technician. His first exhibit was from his spare time when he'd develop x-rays and add various items like staplers, knives, crayons, and anything else he could get his hands on.

    My favourite was the lightbulb in rectum. Makes you think...


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