Sunday, September 18, 2005

Firestorm Funnies

Ron Raymond & Martin Stein as Firestorm
Fury of Firestorm #12, May 1983
- Gerry Conway & Pat Broderick

Jason Rusch as Firestorm
Firestorm #17, November 2005
-Stuart Moore & Jamal Igle

When I first read FoF #12 i thought that was a hilarious joke lampooning the comic book cliff-hanger that any reader knew was obvious BS.

Long-time readers may have found the Millennium gag in the most recent Firestorm #17 amusing, but new fans would just be going 'huh'? It's a nice jab from the creators at the Villains United cross-overs. Of course, the cynic in me is saying the joke is memo-authorized rebellion-as-marketing ploy and is as editorial-driven as the entire VU story.

Still, better than the House of M tie-ins.



  1. It may not be the funniest self-parody injoke in the world, but it's still not up to the level of memo-authorized rebellion-as-marketing ploy as such things as Marvel's "Assistant Editor" month.

  2. I forgot about that, and everyone but John Byrne participated that month.

  3. I never heard about that. What was "Asst. Editor" month about?

  4. Back in '83 when most of the Marvel Editors went to the San Diego ComicCon for a few weeks Jim Shooter had the idea of letting the Assistant Editors run the show that month. At least it looked that way. Many of the team got all wacky and did some off the wall stuff. Mostly it was a PR stunt to make it look like Marvel WAS OUTTA CONTROL TO THE MAX!

    Byrne's FF was top book then and so you didn't do anything to his title he didn't want. While the other books interupted the regular stories for the stunt, FF stayed on track and almost ignored it, acknowledging it only by a note in the UPS box on the cover.

  5. Of course any comics that came out while the editors were away must have been set up months in advance; it takes more than a month to write, pencil, ink, colour, print, and distribute a comic.

    Plus the fact that it was a publisher-wide event really destroyed any credibility it had as a spontaneous outbreak of anarchy. That and most of the stuff was about as original and anarchic as a pie in the face gag.

  6. Marionette, I am appalled by your lack of Marvel-zombiness. I would not be surprised if your fingers turned to ashes as punishment for typing those lies.


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