Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Jury of the Trial of Starboy!

I'm freaking stunned that professional hostage, wannabe-hero, Legion mascot, pain in the ass, jury-member Jimmy Olsen didn't vote to acquit Starboy at his murder trial. It was clearly self-defense and Jimmy is such a Super Suck-Up I'm surprised he didn't take that opportunity to weasel in and try to be Starboy's sidekick. "I helped, huh? Huh? Didn't I help? Huh? I'd help on an adventure too, Thom! Can I call you Thom? Huh?"*

But then, Jimmy is so stupid he probably pushed the wrong button and (if he even discovered the error) he wasn't man enough to ring them up on the time-phone and correct the vote.

What an ass-bite.

* Thom Kallor is Starboy's real name



  1. He's still not as big a superhero groupie as Rick Jones.

    My verification word today sounds like a sneeze. I swear commenting in blogs got way more fun when these things were introduced.

  2. So in the 30th century, the whole notion of the secret ballot is abandoned? Or did the Legion decide to give it up because it reduced the need for a gigantic bank of telescreens?

    Hell, they were using those awful bulbous LED vote-indicator lights from their VERY FIRST APPEARANCE. That voting apparatus is technically a more senior member of the Legion than Superboy himself!

    Dammit, now I'm all wondering how Luornu voted. Probably NOT GUILTY. She ain't a softy about villains' rights. Also, not a fan of rodents any longer.


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