Wednesday, September 21, 2005


If you are like me you rely on the Comic Weblog Update site to see what's new in the comic bloggery world-o-sphere. You have probably also noticed that it's been a little frustrating to use lately due to the info that site receives from has been over the last several weeks showing as updated blogs that have not been changed or not listing those that have, or listing incorrectly. I sent an e-mail and asked what was up and they sent this back.

We're now generating pings for changes we discover based on crawling a feed, in addition to the direct pings we receive. However, there was a configuration error that was causing three parallel crawling systems to *all* generate these pings. That was fixed late last week and the ping stream is now back to the size we'd expect it to be.

Please let us know if you're still seeing lots of false positives.

I'm still not seeing much improvement as used to be more accurate a month ago than it is today. The Comics Weblog Update is a free service and it's great, so I hope the errors don't drive people away from the site.


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