Thursday, September 08, 2005

Comic Book Ad: Gorilla Interruptus

This comic book ad is one big tease and no payoff. It starts with the promise of some serious monkey madness in the first panel and then the excitement-o-meter instantly drops to zero on the holy crap-scale. Less than zero. I'd say Ray-O-Vac owes me a lifetime supply of batteries to compensate for the negative rating of this ad.

GORILLA TERRORIZES CITY! PEOPLE IN PANIC! Oh, and two guys hang out in a park and nothing happens.

I guess the battery ad was the crappy sequel to this superior gorilla-packed ad for ointment. Kind of like how Caddyshack was better than Caddyshack 2.



  1. Did mine eyes decieve me, or could kids "win" a live pony by selling that crap?

  2. Man, I was SURE there would at least be a sinister hobo using a gorilla suit to scare off neighbors, and all we got was a burrow owl. I hope those dorks get eaten by a grue.


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