Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bob Denver, Dead at 70

Bob is most remembered for his time on Gilligan's Island, but as a kid I had to watch Far-Out Space-Nuts each Saturday because my sister had dibs on the TV, and that Bob is the one that is burned into my brain.

The spaceship is ready to chart the stars
To go where no one's ever gone
Flight preparations were almost made

Barney: Breakfast, Lunch, I said LUNCH, NOT LAUNCH!

Where in the world did the Spacenuts go
And how will they ever return
Now they got a home, where the strangest creatures roam
Honky's there to help them along

Step right up, take a look at the stars
You're leaving the world behind
Step right up, you won't believe your eyes
At what those Far Out Space Nuts find
At what those Far Out Space Nuts find
Next in line...Tina Louise gets to go to her grave with the horrible knowledge that all men preferred Mary Ann over her.


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