Saturday, September 24, 2005

They have no need for erasers

- image probably copyrighted by someone, used because I felt like it

The Skepchicks 2006 Calendar is now on sale!

Here is where you can read the whys and wherefores about the calendar:

This calendar represents the collective efforts of many intelligent, strong, and beautiful women in the skeptical community. They are doctors, mothers, businesspeople, teachers, students, and more; they reside across the United States, Australia, Canada, and Great Britain. All are brought together by a common goal of encouraging skepticism. Skepchicks, Intl. is an independent project, but many skepchicks are also active with other notable organizations.
Who are the Skepchicks? They are a community of Skeptical women. By Skeptical I don't mean they don't believe you and that espresso-girl at the Starbucks work are 'just friends'. No, It means they are part of the movement of critical thinkers.

In a time when the Xians are re-introducing exorcism, fear-mongering drives the gullible to wait for a Sky Fairy to intervene in daily events instead of 'helping themselves' and facts are under assault by non-scientific elements the promotion of skepticism and the necessary survival-trait of critical thinking is required more than ever before.

Personally, smart women make me afraid, but don't let that stop you. As they say, "Smart Is Sexy"!


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