Saturday, September 10, 2005

Groin Injury Saturday: Ragdoll

Revised, because I didn't pay attention to what was in front of me. Thanks guys!

from Villains United #5

In the recent Villains United #5, the crazed villain known as Ragdoll gets kneed by one of the disposable Madmen in the crotch. The Ragdoll gets slammed hard enough to lift the inseam about 6 inches...a pretty good hit that would kill a normal person. But Ragdoll isn't normal at all.

Following his bliss, the Ragdoll is heavily medicated and has undergone extensive surgeries to let him continue to be a google-jointed villain. Ragdoll was losing his triple-jointed abilities through the ravages of age and injury. So to combat this he had most of his joints replaced with prosthetics so he can keep doing whatever it is he does. Ragdoll is the grandson of the original. Honestly, Ragdoll's power is about as useful as Green Arrow's. It's Ragdoll's insanity that is his real power. I doubt we have seen the extremes this serial-killer will go to. Handled correctly, Ragdoll could be the next Joker (who has been mishandled story-wise far short of potential for years). He needs his old costume back first to wear the old style uniform, though. I prefer the insane Raggedy-Andy/Brother Power costume over the current Harlequin look. It must be as much a pain to draw and color as Jack-of-Heart’s costume.

The Ragdoll is extra-ordinarily committed to bizarre body modifications. So when the Madman gets a hit in the Ragdoll dismisses it, as the targets of the knee-shot were 'removed ages ago' by surgery.

Ragdoll reveals he is a neuter, though I suspect that in the future some writer will drop hints that he his now officially a woman (as if getting a knee in either gender's set of reproductive facilities isn't incapaciating to both).

So this week's groin injury isn't from an outside source, but rather Ragdoll did it to himself through self-mutilation or had it done to him via elective surgery from someone like the Crime Doctor.

Deadshot said it best...



  1. I understand that this Ragdoll is a different one (in the double-page splash in the same issue, you can see a Ragdoll-lookalike type wearing green joining the other Society villains).

  2. Really? Thought this was the guy who was getting arthritist. I'll research.

  3. Actually, the backstory of this Ragdoll is presented early in Villains United. He is the grandson of the original Ragdoll (who as Jeffrey mentions is among the forces attacking the Secret Six).

    Will Gail give us a dramatic face-off between the two Ragdolls? I hope so.

  4. This new Ragdoll is "The Sensational Character Find of 2005!" You almost have to admire his dedication to his craft.

  5. Man I looked right at that too. Guess I'll update.


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