Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What issue of an adult magazine is this from?

A lot of artists, especially in comics today, use as art-reference or just swipes the poses and faces for their work from magazines. I have mixed feelings on that, though. While artists have always used models to make their art, some are just not capable of making the result of the references their own creation. For some, they just as well have been using a lightbox and tracing paper. Those artists know who they are and the fans do also.

So in the interest of comic book history, I need a figurative hand here.

From the pages of New Mutants #44 from way back in 1986 there is a panel that used as art reference a model from a Playboy or Penthouse magazine of the time.

New Mutants, v1 #44, February, 1986
Pencils: Jackson Guice, Inks: Kyle Baker

Dani Moonstar, desperate to get a teleport to Muir Island from Illyana Rasputin, barges into Illyana's room unannounced. Dani is immediately attacked by demons zapped in from Limbo by Illyana, who reacts to defend herself instinctively.

Here is the panel in question...

I recall when reading this issue of NM I thought Dani's expression and the coy finger in the mouth pose was odd, especially since she was being tentacle-molested by the pets of her best friend. Then I remembered her pose was a direct swipe from an adult magazine I had read sometime before that.

Can anyone identify the issue this model appeared in?

The model that was the inspiration for this panel was asian or Hawaiian and that it was printed in the 80's, sometime before New Mutants #44 was published. I also could not tell you right now if it was the main magazine or one of those 'Girls of...' things they put out. (The other panels on the page also seem to be using some kind of 'Girl on Girl' photo layout as reference also, but I'm not interested in that).

If you can ID her and when she appeared you'll get an awesome credit for a job well done. Contact me with the issue info (and link or send a scan of the magazine page) by email and I'll do a follow up to this entry.

Think of it as a contest, but you get to research hot women as your prize.


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  1. If I recall correctly, this is an issue that was a particular favorite for me at the ripe old age of 9. I feel so dirty.

    (and I don't even do the girl thing!)


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