Monday, September 19, 2005

I think I'll steal a corpse tonight

All Star #2
The characters of the Golden Age were very much a product of their times. That really makes me thing the 1940's was a pretty screwed up era full of disturbed people.

Alan Scott is pretty much the greatest Green Lantern ever, but even he did some questionable things like ripping off corpses to experiment on them. All in a good cause, though.



  1. He's Green Lantern! Why can't he just use the ring to counteract the effects of the drug? He's just mucking about with the corpses because he's a perv, that's why. Either that or he never learned how to use the ring!

  2. It's a good thing he crammed in those two years of med school while he was in college. I know I'd rather trust the diagnosis of a grave-robbing med school dropout than any real doctor.

  3. For the same reason all other heroes go through long, unnecessary and convuluted plans.

    You'd think Clark Kent would have gotten fed up with Lois Lane's accusations that he is Superman and told her "Yeah, I'm never around when Superman is. So what? You could say the same about everyone else in Metropolis. By the way, where were YOU last time? I was looking for you..SUPERMAN."

    But a duplicate planet Earth with androids that mimic everyone Lois knows so Clark can fool her with some silly explanation.

    I've always seen it as Alan Scott uses the ring less as a tool, as Kyle and Hal see it, than a gift of miracle. It's almost like Alan Scott feels the use of the ring cheapens the magic if it is used in a way that does not compliment reality. Think of the detective work as the ritual trappings of a spell (magic circle, talisman, spell book) and the effects of the ring are the resluts of the spell casting.

  4. It was an era when a "sudden smell of force" signaled impending justice. An era when a dude with two years of pre-med classes at junior college could conduct an autopsy in a suit and tie and no smock and STILL kick the combined asses of an entire nation of investigators in a single night. In short, it was an era when non-superheroes were considerably dumber than rocks.


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