Tuesday, September 27, 2005

So...whatcha doing?

Pro-Communist propoganda from Russia.
- translated as What Are You Doing For The Plan?

Anti-Communist propoganda from America.

Let's count the similarities:

  1. Responsible, average citizen stereotype
  2. Hard-working guy
  3. Sleeves rolled up
  4. Blue-collar working clothes
  5. Concerned about stuff
Dance, my puppets...Dance!

The difference between the American and Marxist ideologies being, of course, that the American can help or not by his own choice.

If the commie refuses to aid the plan he would be forced to load the guns that will be used to execute him, his family and neighbors with the very bullets he himself manufactured in the Glorious United People's Factory #12.

Good thing all that nonsense is in the past and we all know better now.



  1. Looks as though "TO COMBAT COMMUNISM" was put there with a rubber stamp. They've probably got a billion of those posters stockpiled in a warehouse, just waiting for the "TO COMBAT TERRORISM" stamps to come back from Kinko's. And they're really anxious too, because they really missed a great opportunity when there was an unexpected delay getting the "TO COMBAT NAPSTER" stamps.

  2. This poster is from Poland, not Russia.


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