Friday, September 09, 2005

Superman of Tomorrow

Yet another prediction by DC that in the future people will evolve into Homo Penis-Head.

Considering the state of the people of today, I wonder why comic visionaries are always so optimistic about the future of mankind. I think it's actually more likely that in the future people will have really tiny heads and they just think that they are huge.

This article claims our brains are still evolving.

Lest I forget, I'd like to extend thanks to Super-Artist supreme Curt Swan and his work on Action #256 for allowing me to use the word 'penis' today.



  1. Bah. He didn't evolve. As you can see, he used a giant penis pump.

  2. If man should ever evolve a Jiffy-Pop skull, woman will need to evolve a de-coupling pelvis, or else every kid will be an only child. Actually, coneheads are more plausible than dickheads, although unless the rest of the food chain makes a massive resurge, zero evolution for man is the most likely scenario.


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