Tuesday, September 13, 2005

PS Magazine: September 2005 featuring JOE KUBERT

The September 2005 issue of PS Magazine is out! For those of you jonesing for some Joe Kubert check it out!

This month features anthropomorphic vehicles and weapons galore! It's like Disney went insane and promoted war through cutsey machines of horrible death!

Seeing as this is a military-sponsored magazine I think it's really a subtle form of introducing a real horror to Americans so they get desensitized to it. Animated films with armored soldiers, planes with Artificial Intelligence, little comic books like this...it is all part of The Plan.

Showing machines with human characteristics just makes humanity more accepting of the day when the poor are kidnapped and their brains are enslaved to massive war-juggernauts of destruction that are exported to oil-rich countries to smash them and kill all the humans.

Science Fiction authors who are part of this conspiracy of harmlessification and human brain enslavement are Keith Laumer (APlague of Demons & B.O.L.O) and Anne McCaffrey (The Ship Who Sang).

For instance, look at this!

The disenfranchised will be mutilated, under-go mind transplant and used as playthings for garage mechanics!

It worked for the Japanese. For 30 years Japanese anime has routinely shown children flying jets, going to war, in positions of responsibilty and tentacle raping nurses. And now look at Japan today! You can't walk down the street without some kid going mach 2 in a hover car fighting alien amoebas...

Don't say you have not been warned!


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