Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Marionette Nerve-Pinch

This is why Marionette is one of my favorite posters, as she critiques the illogic of Klingon society.

But would you want every bus driver or postal worker to be thinking "Today is a good day to die"? It would surely have to lead to a very tense society.
If I had a 'Quote of the Day' shtick this would be today's winner.


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  1. I think "very tense" aptly describes the Klingon ideal for society. Did you know that their national anthem contains the phrase "may our collective sphincter never unclench, even in the agonizing embrace of death"? Also, they sing their national anthem at weddings while beating the bride and groom with tube socks filled with nickels. Today is basically always a good day to put a gun in your mouth and keep pulling the trigger until the trigger breaks off.


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