Sunday, September 18, 2005

Jesus, Buffy! The Musical

Jesus, Buffy, this I know
For the Chick Tract tells me so.
It's as clear as any bell:
"Dress like witches, go to Hell."

Yes, Jesus, Buffy,
Yes, Jesus, Buffy,
Yes, Jesus, Buffy,
The Chick Tract tells me so.
Sung to the tune of Yes, Jesus Loves Me
- Parody by Beleth



  1. I realise that pointing out factual innaccuracies with that kind of propoganda is a complete waste of effort, but I would like to mention that here in evil old England there is no tradition of trick or treat. You see it a bit now, but that's only a result of the wholesale import of american culture through TV.

  2. Suuuuure there isn't any such tradition of trick or treat in England...or is that just Satan's second greatest trick?

    This tract and 'Death Cookie' are my favorite Chick strips. Just so whacky...

  3. My favourite has to be the one about rock and roll music. That was hilarious.

    Chick used to be good for a couple of laughs, till I stumbled across the strips about his take on Buddhism and Islam. Being a Muslim, and growing up among a lot of Buddhists (plus a whole bunch of other religions) they just made my blood boil. I know I shouldn't take him seriously, but damn.


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