Saturday, September 10, 2005

Robey vs. Murray Head

Louise Robey, model, 80's one-hit pop songstress, actress and ex-Lady Buford, is totally my bitch, she just doesn't know it yet. Someday...oh yes, she will be mine.

Robey (Robey the Wonderful, to you) for those of you who lived in a cave in the 80's or were unfortunately born too late (but that's okay, because all men are thinking of Robey during impregnation, so you are still the Spawn of Robey), is the lady who brought us the song One Night In Bangkok.

For that alone Robey is a goddess, she is my Wonder Woman.

Who, you ask? You thought some dude sang it? That 'dude' would be Murray Head, but Robey did it first. Well, technically ABBA did it for the musical Chess with Head 'singing' the tune (hence similar scenes between the two videos), but Robey still came out with it publicly before Murray.

For some unfathomable reason her song & video was quickly eclipsed on MTV and radio by Head. I blame a conspiracy of evil by soulless record company cokeheads.

Robey totally kicks Murray Head's ass up and down the street. She is Robey, a hot red-head, therefore she wins automatically in any match-up.

After the song gave her some publicity Robey deigned to do few films (just as a lark and we all thank her for it), showing up in the Ahnold masterpiece Raw Deal and a few others. Her most notable work is on the syndicated Friday the 13th television series, which had nothing to do with the movie of the same name and was made incredible by the awesomeness that is Robey.

Again, one more reason that she has been placed among the stars in the heavens.

The Robey starfield image as recorded by the Hubble, Nov 2004.
Visible not only by the naked eye, but by mankind's heart as well.

Robey is, dare I say it, hotter than even the great Hayley Mills.


But don't get me wrong. Robey is a party, but it's Hayley Mills you take home and marry.



  1. So... you like Robey, I take it?

    This was definitely an Everything You Never Really Wanted To Know About Robey, and Never Thought To Ask piece, but I can appreciate that. It's certainly more original than the tired Ginger or Mary Ann crap.

    My only, conscious contact with the character was in the Friday the 13th: The Series as you noted, which I enjoyed enough to watch. I was always a little puzzled by the single name approach, chalking it up in the end to an out of the gate P.R. move to make people think she was an established star and that we were being made to think that were we hip we'd know who she was already. Often tragically un-hip, I remember not being completely sure which one of the three cast regulars was "Robey", assigning it to her mainly by process of elimination given her two co-stars were male.

    Checking her over on IMDB I see she's Loiuse Robey, so I can understand why she'd want to ditch the first name though I wonder how the rest of her family took that identifying appropriation?

    Good lord, she's a year older than I am! How old are you to be lusting after this dust?! ;)

    To compound the blasphemy, I have to say I never really saw the attraction. I saw plenty of hair, but not the attraction. All for the best of course, as that means more for you.

    So... what brought the Robey musings on? Did One Night in Bangkok (which, if I ever heard, I don't know it by name) come on the radio and set this off?

  2. You certainly have a certain "charm" in your appraisal for two of the beautiful ladies of the screen, although I would not have used the same choice of words. I'm not sure your turn of phrase would exactly beguile and bewitch Louise Robey. I would agree more than you know with your enthusiasm for Hayley, a shared teenage crush, and lately, for Louise, a woman whose beauty is exceeded only by her charm and talent. Both have shown me that there could not be two classier ladies. The big question is, when is Paramount going to wake up and release "Friday the 13th: The Series" to DVD?


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