Friday, September 02, 2005

September never ended

One thing I have become aware of in my years is that almost every wall calendar I have ever seen has a crappy photo attached to the month of September. It's like the guys that design calendars are burnt out from July 4th and are saving up all their creative juices for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I imagine that it's difficult after all these years to be original with an image of a pumpkin, turkey and Santa.

Who doesn't get a calendar and not immediately flip to their own birth month? Looking at most calendars leads me to believe that September is the pity-month. For example, Waterfall calendars run out of all the good falls by the time the 9th month rolls around. Previous months get Niagara and Victoria Falls and my spread gets some tiny trickle from a hill in Wisconsin that looks like a do-it-yourself waterfall kit from a suburban garden.

That is not fair because September is when my birthday is. What does that month got? Labor Day! Big fat hairy deal.

Speaking of which...

An old Hasselhoff Knight Rider and crappy wireframe KITT photo is the best they could do for September? I'm insulted, disappointed and nauseous at the same time! September is the throw-away time of year, obviously. At least the July, October and December photos are themed to the month.

July 2005
The 1st Amendment clearly isn't meant for everyone...

October 2005
The horror...the horror...

December 2005
Let's just keep that present wrapped, ok?

If I have to look at a Hasselhoff photo then at least it should be one representing ironic absurdity. Nope, I get the tribute to mediocre television for my month. Just think, if we still followed the old Roman calendar I could have had Flag-Waving Dave from July as my wall-defiling image.


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  1. Dude. It's a David Hasselhoff calendar. It doesn't matter what month you were born in, you still get to celebrate it with Hasselhoff's toothy grin staring at you.


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