Thursday, November 06, 2008

Futura - Chapter 8

Hard to believe time went by so quickly and my last Futura entry was in August! The reason for the delay was two back up drive crashes losing all my data and a flip-flopping work schedule. Rebuilding all the files was time-consuming. It is bad enough to do it once, but then to have the new replacement drive also fail was a bit much, so I let a lot of things sit around for a while. Fortunately I managed to save much of my Futura stuff and what I couldn't recover I found on line, in varied forms of quality, so I'll continue the series.

Planet Comics #50 (September 1947) is where things take a turn for the simplistic creatively and the story kind of loses direction. The dream-like quality of the Futura Saga is emphasized over the next several issues keeping with the premise put forth in the premiere story even as the content artistically begins to parallel the quality typical to the perceived disposable comic book entertainment of the era.


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