Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite "fish out of water" shows. The nerdy, strange character of Sheldon has quickly become the primary focus of the show as each episode spotlights his increasingly bizarre behavior.

I don't know how long the stories can continue by spending all their time on Sheldon as his actions can get annoying very fast. Each episode tries to top the previous one in strange personality quirks, but he is clearly the stand out character of the group. The writers are on something of a roll so lets see how long it lasts.

One of the pluses of the show is the "Sam and Diane" situation was dealt with fairly quickly between the very distracting Penny and hapless Leonard (who as an adult still has not accepted his innate outcastiness). I usually find something to laugh at in every episode.

But geek humor can be infuriating, particularly when the writers get it wrong or wield it with sledgehammer subtlety. I can't help but think if Sheldon Cooper was a true comic book fan he would be wearing a TRITTSYC t-shirt. I was this close to having one made and sending it to the producers in the hope that the actor would wear it in an episode but I realized I wasn't hopeless and insane and stopped myself.

Also I don't know his size.


  1. I knew Jim (Sheldon) Parsons on and off for a long time, and was very good friends with his sister in high school. (And, yes, like Sheldon, we are all from Texas.) Our moms still hang out.

    Jim was incredibly talented then, and even more so now. It's a lot of fun to see him hit it big.

    Sadly, its been years since I've seen or talked to Jim (probably 4 or 5), so my chance of slipping him a shirt is pretty minimal at this point.

  2. I hope he doesn't get pigeon-holed into geek roles.

  3. He was kind of pigeon-holed before this. Viewers may remember him as "The Knight" in Garden State, or a nebbish court clerk in "Judging Amy". He also was in a Quizno's commercial in which he was raised by wolves (the commercial ran very briefly), and, I believe, a FedEx commercial in which he played the boss's dopey son. All have been sort of geeky roles.

    Heck, back in high school he played "Flute" in Midsummer Night's Dream (who has to play "Thisbe" in the play-within-a-play).

    We'll see how he's used from here on out. I have high hopes.

  4. I came here via Bunchness via Deus Ex Malcontent, and I am DEE-lighted one of the first posts I read is about one of my favourite shows!

    Sheldon is my favourite character - and my cousin did the Time Machines monsters at the end of that one episode...I won't ramble too much about it.

    Chuck Lorre must have friends in high places, to still have this show on (me liking a show is a kiss of death - RIP The Class).

    I blogged about Sheldon and Christine's brother, played by Hamish Linklater, being two imaginary men I'd like to make out with.

    Off to continue reading...

  5. The Big Bang Theory is simply my favorite show on TV right now. It's brilliant! And yeah, Sheldon is too much and I so like him. At times I think I have a Sheldon living in me, of course, forced to be more sociable, but I so get where he's going everytime he says anything.


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