Monday, November 10, 2008

More on that damn picture

Even if Will Farrell wasn't attached to the Land of the Lost film I expect it to be mediocre at best. All the clue you need is in this publicity still that was released to show, presumably, how kewl an army of Sleestak are.

But I dread this scene by what it represents in the story and it is probably typical of the type of situational gags that will permeate the entire film. From this one photo I can predict with confidence the scene will go something like this:

The New Three Stooges (Disco Stu, Dumbass and Cutie) will be exploring some sort of temple when they are menaced by a gaggle of Sleestak. Frightened, they turn away and head for an exit only to be confronted by another group of hissing creatures. At this point Ferrell will probably make a noise similar to one made by either Curly or Lou Costello when frightened and the trio will turn as one and head in a third direction. The scene gag ends when MW&H meet the Boss Sleestak or some long-lost guy pretending to be the Sleestak God or something.

I'm only speculating but that particular gag will be done at least twice and possibly three times including the reveal of the antagonist, but due to time constraints probably won't be pushed to four times. The villain will inevitably have to appear just then to stop the Sleestaks from tearing MW&H to chewy bits. Interestingly, if the gag was pushed to five times then it might actually be a funny bit, since the group of explorers would be so scared they would attempt to flee through an exit they had already tried.

If I want "funny" Land of the Lost, I'll watch Bubble Boy.

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  1. Looking at that image I pray that the Sleestaks aren't dancing when they come down those stairs.



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