Monday, November 21, 2005

Comic Book PSA: A Sound of Thunder

Two bolts of lightning? Somebody up there really hates this kid. Then again, he's crawling on all fours through a field during a lightning storm so he is probably up to no good. Probably checking that the graves of the neighborhood pets he abducted were deep enough to make it through a heavy rain without being exposed. Lucky for him that Messiah-Superboy was nearby to intercede against divine anger.

But like my entry above, lightning strikes are not funny. They kill several golfers a year and are a real hazard. Many caddies get blistered fingers from the hot coins and money clips while going through the pockets of freshly-zapped, unconscious rich white men who do not have the sense to come in from the rain.

Years ago in South Dakota while in the military, I performed various duties. One of which was standing corridor guard on convoys as the "big weapons" were towed from storage to be loaded onto n aircraft. During one convoy I was posted on a high berm when a rain storm swept through the area. Since it isn't smart to move some weapons during bad weather all the security has to stay in place to secure the area while the tow vehicle and trailer moves. My gear, among other things, consisted of an M-16 rifle. Unless you go deep-ocean swimming using a dead cow as a floatation device, I can't think of one dumber thing to do than stand on one of the highest points for miles in a basically flat region during a storm while carrying what amounted to a lightning rod packed with high-explosives slung over my shoulder. I can't say I was feeling concerned as I watched lightning bolts flash in the distance and gradually draw nearer. Mostly I felt resignation about the chance I might get hit. At least all the rounds in the rifle and in the ammo pouches in my belt would make an interesting noise when they went off if I was struck.

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  1. And yet somehow you survived this impressively suicidal situation to regale us with it today and make me spill my coffee.

    Which, when you think about it, is quite impressive for something that never happened.

  2. Hmmm? That was fast. I'm not even done writing and putting in links yet.


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