Sunday, November 06, 2005

There she goes...Miss America

Blockade Boy did an amusing post about super-heroine Miss America and it reminded me of this...

Your cheery thought for the day:
The model who posed for this comic photo cover is now long dead.


  1. You can't really jump to this conclusion unless you've read the issue. Maybe her particular powers include elements of age resistance.

  2. Holy cats! The costume is even goofier in real life. I like how her unsure smile betrays her sneaking suspicion that this magazine cover will utterly destroy her burgeoning modeling career. And maybe it did. Maybe, years later, she would totter about her dismal flat in a whiskey-stained housecoat, pausing now and then in front of the dresser drawer that housed her copy of the magazine, and she'd dare herself to take another look at it. Surely it wasn't that bad, she'd tell herself. She would steal another glance at the photo, her eyes lingering on the stupid little hat, the hypertrophic collar, the way the ill-fitting, screamingly red costume conspired to turn her shapely bosom into a vague, lumpen mass... and then the darkness would overtake her again.

    Or, maybe she had a swell life, and forgot all about "Miss America." Yeah, it was probably the latter.


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