Saturday, November 19, 2005

Tropos: Bad and Good

Good: Monster love
Bad: Comic book beastiality orgy

Bad: John T. Keehan
Good: When he became Count Dante, classic comic ad icon!

Good: Teaching children about science back during the space race.
Bad: Selling cigarettes to those same kids.

Bad: This Bomba jungle cover. Has a monkey, though.
Good: This Jungle Comics cover. What an absurdly exciting, dangerous place Kaanga lives.

Good: Sharing a egg cream with your best girl in the idealized 50's. How I miss those days that never were.
Bad: Backwash from the Beav

Bad: Once upon a time, was innocent and good.
Good: In a bad, bad way.

Good: The love between a boy and his faithful dog
Bad: Leg-humping

Bad: The re-touched cover of the Christian self-help book after someone pointed out how funny the original was.
Good: The original cover as it was for years.

Good: The original (One of Doc Werthem's fav talking points)
Bad: Rip off

Bad: Rescued by girl
Good: Guy rescues girl (as it should be)

Good: Threesome
Bad: Threesome

Bad: Bad scary
Good: Good scary

Good: Xanadu-uuuuuuuu!
Bad: Not a sequel

Bad: Cheesy TV show about bionic man, as far from the original SF novel as possible.
Good: Cheesy Spyman comic about bionic man, but art by Jim Steranko!


  1. Count Dante was my sensei's sensei's sensei.

    No, really, he was.

  2. For more on Steranko's "Spyman," go here...


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