Saturday, November 19, 2005

More DC Teen Sluts

Uber-neat-o! Gratuitous entries containing the words 'Teen' and 'Slut' really gets traffic to my site! So that's how spam works, eh? Well, here are some more DC Teen Sluts for your enjoyment and my stat counts!

"Cyber's Revenge" indeed. If I had a dime for every girl in those chat rooms who was really a guy...well, let's just say I'd be poor. Or not. I just heard about things like that happening. Yeah.


Why the tears? The light glaring off that huge diamond ring hurting your eyes? Pity the sad Gold Digger!

Sexually aggressive slut. Not so bright, either. Don't pester crazies who carry shotguns while you are out together in the deep woods.

What a slut! It's okay if guys have multiple girlfriends, though. Don't forget that.

What should she choose? Sugar Daddy or Good Time?
As seen in the low-budget, classic SF cult film Darkstar! Not kidding. Watch the opening sequences.

Given the subtext of the 60's, probably because she prefers the company of women. While many books approached the subject of "non-traditional" sexuality, even in some comic book PSA's, they had to leave it for the aware reader to discern what it was referring to by reading between the frames.

Let us not forget 'THEM!' You know, them...the predatory hippy chicks. You know what I Wonder Woman #185. Talk about skirting a subject with euphemisms.


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  1. Slee, I think you're going a bit strange.

  2. Pfft! SUCKERS! Just like when I did a Free Porn entry on the cult board. But yeah, my hits took a big jump. The site was #3 on MSN Search.

  3. There seems to be an inordinate about of redheads on those covers. They're only supposed to represent about two percent of the North American population (which is too bad, to say the least).

  4. But, sleestak, you really need more Sharleen Spiteri in uniforms.

  5. You can never have enough Sharleen Spiteri in uniforms.


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