Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Love/Hate affair with Brenda Strausburg

As righteously angered and annoyed as I am that 'Brenda Strausburg' stamped her name not once, but TWICE, on the cover of a comic book...

I am also intrigued, nay, aroused, by the idea that a female was reading comics back in 1956.

- cover from the Grand Comic Book Database


  1. Or some young female was trying to annoy her brother. My sister was always threatening to destroy/deface my comics when I was younger.

    Not to say females didn't or don't read comics. I just like to think that anyone who appreciates comics, male or female, won't destroy them.

  2. The book above is currently being auctioned on ebay. Item #120057352150
    Is that a weird coincidence or what?

    Red Hook
    The CGC Boards

  3. And as usual, when Pop Kent gains a bit of power for himself he turns into a tyrant, walling the wife and kid up in a playpen in the front yard. Bedrock Midwestern family values, my ass - JK was every bit as bad as Jor-El. With dads like that I'm surprised Superman has only rarely slipped into Sinestro mode.


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