Friday, November 25, 2005

Lettuce Ladies & Broccoli Boys

While I am loathe to send anyone to PETA because of their tactics, I can't pass this up.

Lettuce Ladies

From: Monterey, Calif.
Turnons: intense personalities, good music, wine, lust for life, compassion for all living beings, an open mind, a nice shapely tummy, people that stop to help stray animals
Turnoffs: big egos, self-rightousness, movies with animal "stars," lying (with the exception of good storytelling), bullfighting, macho guys.
Let's look at that statement again: Lying (with the exception of good storytelling). Yeah, ok. Little reality disconnect I think. Is it a disclaimer or what?

Broccoli Boys

From: Washington D.C.
Turnons: soccer, surfing the Web, reading, merengue, vegetarian sushi, travelling, salsa music, MTV's The Grind, rap, being outdoors
Turnoffs: people who are rude, people who don't recycle, and guys who think they need meat to build muscles
Bet he likes protein, though.

After visiting the PETA site I found my eyes opened. I was truly shocked by the images of cruelty there and I can promise will be a long time before I eat veggies again.

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