Monday, November 07, 2005

Joe Kubert draws dinos & cavemen for PS Magazine!

It's a new month and that means a new PS Magazine illustrated by JOE KUBERT for November 2005!

This months' issue has soldiers, a dino and a caveman on the cover and is remisicent of the classic DC Comics feature The War That Time Forgot that appeared in the 60's run of the Star Spangled War comic title. I miss those type of stories and the ones in the Suicide Squad volume 2 don't count. I am aware that Ross Andru and Russ Heath did most of those SSW covers (Kubert did the face of a dino on one), but the theme is similar and fun to see again.

The cover this time is a clever two-parter sight gag, with the set up on the front and the payoff on the back cover.

Uhm, when I write 'clever' I mean the Kubert art is great in layout and style as always. The actual content of the art is written at a 9th grade level for the average GI, so us sophisticated comic types won't necessarily find the gag amusing. But it's still Kubert.

This month is all about the cold and how it affects military equipment. While the world is focused on all the hot spots that are in curent events, there are still soldiers elsewhere working in extremes of weather that tend to the lower half of the thermometer.

This issue covers:

  • Tank heating
  • Weapons care
  • How to sweep snow off a tent (Not kidding)
  • Communications tips
  • Brake care (Frozen brake lines, bad. Stopping on grades, good)
  • Sand flushing procedures (for those still in desert areas)
  • And much, much more!
Appearences of note this month:
Disco Stu displays the dangers of polyester...

As usual, talking cybernetic death machines abound...

The dreaded Carbon Monoxide Monster makes an appearence.

Where is Captain America when you need him? Oh, he's busy fighting this guy...

The Ghosts of Deceased Trucks haunt the highways and byways!

The highly anticipated Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy book by Joe and all the Little Joes is still several months away so get your Kubert fix early by checking out the all-free PS Magazine!


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  1. Hey, that's not just any ol' caveman on the cover of PS 636... that's Joe's Tor.


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