Monday, November 28, 2005

Req: Book and short story help

There are a few books and short stories I am looking for but can't recall the author or title. Typing different phrases into search engines met with negative results, so I turn to the reader of my blog to help out.

Novel: This is a Sci-Fi novel I think I first read in 80's. It is about a man who is suddenly transported to a home in England from America or vice versa. The cause of his teleportation is an alien or creature in the basement or cellar of a house who controlls him telepathically.

12-3-05 Update: A helpful person reminded me the book I was looking for was Bob Shaw's 1979 novel, Dagger of the Mind.

Short Story: An amoeba like creature absorbs animals and people, infesting a farm house. The creature can take on the form of the creatures it absorbs. It is temporarily controlled when the protagonist lets it absorb him, and his will is able to control the monster. Reprinted many times in horror anthologies.

Short Story: Spaceship captain meets a demonic alien being on a bridge at night, Captain kills it with his raygun. Alien sizzles away like black oil. Reprinted in anthologies.
Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I'm afraid none of those ring a bell for me, but you should post this to the rec.arts.sf.written Usenet group. It's the go-to place for this sort of question and the hivemind there has a preternatural ability to correctly identify stories from the scantiest of mis-remembered details. The appropriate subject line is "YASID" for Yet Another Story IDentification.



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