Sunday, February 25, 2007

Comic Book Ad: If you're married, you have an additional problem

Amusing February 1974 comic book advertisement advertisement for ICS from Chilling Adventures in Sorcery #5. The ad copy is hilarious, as it offers a dead on profile of the attitudes of 70s hipsters who resented that hard work and families get in the way of their disco dancing and hemp smoking.

Bonus: 70s imagery of a porn star dude and ubiquitous male potency symbol.
Chilling Adventures In Sorcery #5 - 70s disco era ad



  1. If the floating head in that ad is a potential client, he's got bigger problems than being married / hating his job. For instance, there's the fact that a small bear is trying to mate with his skull...

    I love that the correspondence school is in Scranton. "Scranton! Yes, wisdom from Scranton will help me find my way out of the debilitating misery of modern married life." Not sure what Scranton can do about the bear.


  2. "Face it, Kotter - you'll never be anything but a lousy sweathog until the day they use you to fill an urn. And don't think your fancy friends in Scranton can change that."


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