Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gerber Madness!

Look at this Marvel Spotlight #22 stuff from Steve Gerber circa June 1975. If Steve Gerber wants to write a comic book then there should be a rule that comic publishers have to give him one. Even in the unlikely event of the title being a loss-leader it is still better than 90% of the output of his contemporaries working today.

Marvel Spotlight #22 - Son Of Satan



  1. I've only ever owned one comic with Hellstorm in it. And all I remember about it is the title "Demon, Demon, Who's got the demon?"

    Oh and it was about possession and people got hit with axes...

  2. Steve worked Son of Satan into Howard the Duck too. It was when Howard himself was possessed by the Darksoul. Good times.

  3. Man, those Son of Satan comics used to FREAK ME OUT back in the day.

    Still do.

  4. "A pig is uniformed but armed." That is hella subversive for 1975. Also, having a Catholic priest coming out of the closet, that's pretty dangerous territory even today. Gerber was sublime.


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