Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sleestak: SG1

While perusing the net looking for a clue as to when Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis would be on television again I stumbled across the official Stargate website. The site is full of nifty episode guides, photos and much to my surprise, full episodes of screenplays that you can download and read!

So I snagged a few and had a thought:

I could actually insert myself into the real story using a simple find and replace editing function! That way I could be a part of the SG1 team without resorting to bad fan fiction and crying myself to sleep! So I did it and had some nerd fun as follows:

STARGATE SG-1 - "Morpheus" - Episode #1002

DANIEL: No. You're not cleared for off-world travel yet. You still have to go through a psych evaluation.

SLEESTAK: What's that?

DANIEL: Uh, it's sort of an interview given to all prospective SGC personnel, designed to assess a person's psychological state, get a sense of their mental well-being.

SLEESTAK: Oh, to find out if I'm...Wonko.

DANIEL: Right. They're going to sit you down, get you talking about yourself, and ask you a few questions.

SLEESTAK: So it's a test?

DANIEL: Sort of.

SLEESTAK: And all I have to do is pass. How hard can that be?

SLEESTAK (CONT'D O/S): I have to do some research, so I'm going to use…

SLEESTAK (CONT'D): your computer while you're away on this mission.

It wasn't until I was done doing that a few times and enjoyed reading some rollickin' space adventures starring myself that I realized that I had accidentally put myself in the role of Vala Mal Doran, the sexy intergalactic thief and leather-wearing maker of mischief.

But that doesn't mean anything. Just a typo on four scripts somehow. I'll change it later so I am Mitchell. Not Daniel, though. Too whiny.



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