Monday, February 05, 2007

When comic books were not for girls! Part 4

In the story Curse of the Witch from Out Of The Night #7 (March 1953) young wife Linda is cursed to periodically change from a sweet and loving spouse into an ugly, raging, psychotic monster driven to kill that which she loves. On the onset of the first night of her "curse" Linda viciously Kuberted her puppy for no reason. You'd think her husband Paul would just make himself scarce and walk on eggshells like every other male on the planet when that happens to the women in their lives, but instead he seeks a cure for her condition by obtaining a rare herb that will end Linda's murderous sprees. Once the counter-spell is used Linda is freed of the curse and changes back to her former attractive self.

I recall a story with a similar plot by Alan Moore during his Swamp Thing run, the differences being that in 1953 a writer could only hint at menses and was not able to depict it as graphically as the creators of the 1980s. I am so glad the comics of today don't have such icky subject matter as content. I like my comic books to be post-menopausal and free of oogy biology, thank you.

Out of the Night 007 (ACG 1953) - Knocked out
Notice that when possessed by the curse Linda gains superhuman strength but nonetheless gets knocked out by one punch from her husband. Yes, Linda has the strength of 10 women but still is not as strong as a man.
That's because in 1953 comic books were not for girls!

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  1. They don't call 'em PERIODicals for nuthin'.


    Anyway, just because she has superhuman STRENGTH, doesn't mean she has above average ENDURANCE or RESILIENCE.

    So, sure, she can rip your head off without breaking a sweat, but can still go down like a sack of spuds with a good shot to the cranium.

    I've seen marriages like that.

    Oh, comics...where is thy escapism?



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