Sunday, February 11, 2007

I shall return, bearing gifts

The coming of Sleestak

This is something of a placeholder post, because I'm surprised I still have internet service at the nearly empty apartment. It is nice to have for a provider a company that takes just as long to disconnect your service as it took to start it. Like most of the internet-addicted my broadband access and my computer is the last thing to get disconnected and packed before I leave. This is probably my last night in the old place before I take temporary shelter with the in-laws prior to departing this miserable state. Posting will be sparse as everywhere I am going to be living for the next several weeks is populated by Luddites, selfish control-freaks or the primitive (Dial-up? What, did we lose a war?).

So I am not tossed in the junk-pile of forgotten blogs I have several posts sitting in draft form and all I will need is a few minutes net access to publish them. Sadly, you will find there is no difference between a post I slap together in a rush between teen-agers using the phone line and one I spend an hour laboriously creating. I'm also working on a review of some incredible Krazy Kat & Ignatz books I received from Bully. Trust me, you should order your own copies. If you are not a fan of the surreal or George Herriman you will be after reading them.


  1. Wherever you end up, hope you enjoy it better than Maryland. Also, thanks for ruining the state for me just as I was moving here and you were about to get out.

  2. good luck and g-d speed.

  3. You should've moved here to New York, home of comics.


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