Friday, February 02, 2007

Heroes do it in a crisis

I don't get why some people don't like Superman. They say he's boring. Too powerful. A goody-goody. Well, those are people who don't know that comic books are all about the subtext. This panel from Superman Family #206 reveals that the man of steel isn't as pure in heart as people think. Way back in July 1979 he was having sex in public with girlfriend Lois Lane high up over the city of Metropolis. Check out his silhouette. The only thing Supes is wearing is that cape.
Superman Family 206
Superman. Not a Boy Scout.


  1. I am one of Superham's biggest detractors (although I have the entire run of DC Comics Presents, so figure that out). I think the reason he never did it for me was his lack of decent bad guys. He strikes me as boring and powerful, but only because I never get jazzed about the foes he fights.

  2. He's also wearing his boots. Sexy! Supes in his cape, boots and nothing else. Yum!Nothing beats a kinky boyscout. ;D

  3. Smallville (sad to say) and the Justice League cartoon really went a long way in helping me see the person behind Superman. The contrast between his small town values and the vastness of his powers makes for a wonderful character. It's fun to see a character that could take over the world but who instead sticks to a rigid moral code and fights for the little guy.


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