Saturday, February 10, 2007

Grocery Store Artifact: Live Nude Bears

I kind of like this packaging and the minimalist approach. The company is of course playing off the sex aspect of the name with a play on words but it isn't so cute I'm going to get all cynical about it.
Bear naked logo
What I noticed is what the product is doing to attract a customer. The flowers and tree-hugging approach is gone from many products as people have come to despise hippies (and rightly so). Too much consumer guilt caused by environmental messages thrown in their faces makes the people driving SUV's reluctant to buy their stuff*.

The main symbol of the product resembles an Asiatic character, appealing to those who believe there is an ancient secret to healthy living (there isn't). The art in the logo uses stylized bear claw slashes in the lettering, ensuring that the macho are not embarrassed to buy the product and be seen carrying it. I know that I have often wished for more masculine packaging when I'm out camping with a bunch of guys. It is so humiliating when they see my granola package and it is covered with unicorns, rainbows and "Fun Family Recipes".


*As their website reveals, The Bear Naked official van, is indeed, covered with great big hippie flowers.


  1. Hey... I've only seen the Bear Naked brand at my local Grocery Outlet stores, when they were blowing out the Bear Naked instant oatmeal (which I bought quite a bit of, it was that good and that cheap!). I certainly would try any other products of theirs if I found 'em!

    The packaging and name had no effect on my decision to initially try it... actually, I looked at the price and the nutritional information! I bought it again after trying it, because of the taste.

  2. Yes, I can imagine many embarrassing situations can come up when men are in the woods evaluating each others packages.


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