Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ten Things About The Brave and the Bold #5

With the publication of The Brave and the Bold #5 (September 2007) Mark Waid (yes, him), George Perez and the rest of the creative team has officially made comics great again.

10 things that made this comic great:

1- The Legion using the empty armor of Galactus for their HQ.

2- ELBOW to the FACE.

3- Invisible Fan Boy.

4- Silver Age goodness via the hat tip to Carmine Infantino in using the classic Zeta Beam Impact pose.

5- George Perez Legion!

6- Supergirl not the Superlolita Mall-Rat Who Sucks.

7- Cro-Magnon making a monkey out of the more evolved species.

8- No Lobo.

9- Everybody was Dark Night Dancing! Hah!

10- Luck Lords!

This book is better every issue.



  1. "1- The Legion using the empty armor of Galactus for their HQ."

    I've got to see that.

  2. It's a fan wank joke. Don't get too excited.

  3. I have been here good things about B&B and it really sounds like I should check it out.

    It's certainly got to be better than Outsiders or Supergirl or Wonder Woman have been...


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