Monday, July 23, 2007

Two Hayley-riffic years of Lady, That's My Skull

Two years and over 1,000 posts brings me to my second anniversary of this blog, Lady, That's My Skull. This isn't my first blog. Torn from a happy place and transplanted into Maryland, it started as my only creative outlet since I was geographically and financially separated from my usual pursuits of art, cinema, literature and sunshine. Like many people I started several websites, joined many forums and then lost interest or abandoned them in the interest of pursuing different blisses. LTMS is the one I have enjoyed the most and I'll stick with it until it evolves beyond what I have intended it to be*.

But who cares about that? I know I don't. So, on with the amusing!

Good internet friend forever Bully of Comics Oughta Be Fun! Did me the kindness of a nice Anniversary card in the form of a post, which I really appreciated. Check it out. Thanks, Bully! I owe you a lunch.

Like my little stuffed pal, I also am disappointed in the lack of comic books featuring Hayley Mills, so I've corrected some of those oversights.

First up, The Family Way starring Hayley Mills in what was billed as her first 'adult' film. Many actors turn to roles featuring villainy or mature themes in order to appeal to a larger audience and show they can act beyond the characters that people are familiar with. Child actors in particular go that route with varying degrees of success. Hayley Mills was one of those that by all accounts was able to grow into a fine adult actor and have a successful career.

In The Family Way, Hayley gets married to some tool and like many newlyweds, experience comical, dramatic moments caused by interfering parents and horribly awkward adult situations. The Family Way also features the first nude scene by Hayley. I won't post screen shots of that, so stop searching for it and quit asking me.

People are most familiar with Hayley's Disney work, forgetting that she originally starred in a thriller as a young child before striking gold with Walt's and other studios. In a role that is quite different from those that later made her famous, in Tiger Bay Hayley plays a young girl who is a witness to a horrific crime.

Hayley Mills is watching you.

And she's packing heat!

The film is chilling, dramatic, very English and a young Hayley shows she can act like nobody's business.

Then of course is the 600-page, award-winning comic book adaptation of the award-winning film, The Hayley Mills Story.

Copies are available at the Hayley Mills Celebratory Complex Gift Emporium and on-line at this and other fine literature provider websites! Ask me about bulk, institutional and educational discounts!

- Hayley Mills comic book cameo from Girls' Love Stories #116 (January 1966)


* All bloggers are pretentious.


  1. Happy 2nd Bloggiversary, pal! I'm glad you stuck with it; this is one of my favorite blogs.

    And I love those covers! I had no idea Hayley was the One True Messiah. (Although I really should have guessed.)

  2. Happy 2nd Blogoversary. I've enjoyed my daily visits here since whenever I started visiting.

  3. Is blog the new smurf or what?

    Anyway, bloggy bloggiversary, bloggo. Blog.

  4. Again, happy happy! And thanks for many entertaining posts!

    And I so want a comic of The Family Way!

  5. Happy anniversary, my fellow blogger and occasional adversary.

  6. Congrats!

    You've been a daily stop for me for a long while.

    Keep up the great work!

  7. Congratulations on two fantatic years! We salute you!

  8. Definite congratulations! Hope to see you in July of 2008!

  9. Your devotion to Hayley is impressive. I'm all over the place with my celeb girlfriend affections. I'm currently hot for Indira Varma and Gong Li.


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