Sunday, July 22, 2007

What I will be doing at the San Diego Comic Con


Annoyingly, thanks to the continuing effects of what happened last year in Maryland (dysfunctional payroll department, incompetent managers, blah blah blah) I will not be attending the SDCC this year, even though I live in San Diego only minutes away from the convention center. One of the things I was looking forwards to by being back in California was attending the big event.

I was all set to go and then prudence and majority raised their ugly heads and I find myself with little choice but to address and clear up some interesting surprises from Maryland that I got hit with last week. So instead of spending the money on the con I will be taking care of those issues. I won't go too much into details, because whiny bloggers moaning about their life bugs the heck out of me and bores everyone, but let me just say that if there is one state you don't want to be in if you have a financial set-back it is Maryland. You actually get assessed large fines for not having money.

It is one of those situations where if you don't do this you can't have this which doesn't allow you to take care of the first thing, creating a snowball effect of ever-increasing crap. Once caught up in that problem I discovered that the system seems designed to ensure that it is nearly impossible for a certain section of the populace to get out of it. Most people, I imagine, are trapped in a sort of economic stasis for years, unable to progress because they don't have the available resources to ever extricate themselves from it. It is almost enough to make one an activist.

So I am spending the next month and a half making sure that my family will not be stuck in that cycle. Plus, the company I currently work for may go on strike in the next few weeks so I'm not taking the risk of not having any funds stuffed under the mattress and being out of work when there are bills to pay.

There were a few people I wanted to meet and say "hiya" to at the con but it just isn't happening this time. No worries, as there is always next year.

Nuts to you, prudence and maturity!



  1. It's a bummer when real life butts in on playtime.

  2. I'm sorry you won't be there and hope to see you next.

    I'm sending killer robots to wipe out Maryland, too.

  3. SUCK! If I woulda known, I would have made you my guest because I needed a Sleestak. Bah! Next year, seriously. Look me up.

  4. thanks! I dont expect to be pathetic next year.


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