Wednesday, July 12, 2006

100,000 plus visits and I owe it all to YOU

Sometime this morning my blog stats passed 100,000 visitors to my site. Now that isn't much by some (most) comic blog standards but it's pretty groovy as far as I'm concerned. So it's time to have a self-celebratory post and I can't think of a better way to mark such a blogging milestone than the contemplation of my perfectly normal & non-threatening so-called obsession of the bestest actress ever...the one, the only...Hayley Mills.

You ever get that intermittent pulsing ache that starts in the center of your chest that arcs in sweet agony down your arms and throbs with delicious pain at points at the underside of both of your wrists while hot, salty tears form at the corner of your eyes but do not quite fully express?

Sure, you do. It's the classic symptoms of Hayleyitis, and all it takes is a few seconds of exposure to the fan-freaking-tastic Ms. Mills to catch a terminal case!

There is no cure. Not that you'd want one, anyways. Even though I am in agony, I never want to be healed. I'm starving a cold to feed my Hayley Fever!

So thanks to all those who read, link to and find me using search terms such as: Supergirl Tentacle Porn, Scarlett Johansen breasts, John Byrne A##hole and Nude Hayley Mills (whoever you are, stop that).

Hat tips to: Marrionette (who led the way from That Place, shows us how it should be done and who pities me), B-B-B-B (who got me early exposure via the Blogaround Challenge), Fred Hembeck (who generated my first big-ish traffic numbers ), Scipio, Dorian (for same), Comics Should Be Good (who let me guest-post, and was kind enough not to delete the suck) and the Comic Weblogs Update. If I've forgotten to thank anyone then it is because I am an insensitive bastard and not because you don't deserve it.


  1. You deserve every hit, dear. Here's to the second hundred grand.

  2. Big congrats on hitting all those zeroes. Who'da thought we'd still be here all those months ago when we escaped the Cult?

    I haven't kept track of my overall hits so I honestly don't know what my total is, but I have a couple of big numbers coming up - both my first anniversary and my 200th post at the Puppet Dance will be quite soon.

  3. Congratulations, 'Stak!

    (I just wanted to call you "'Stak".)

  4. Congratulations are in order, yet--

    I thought I was over her.

    Now the old ache is back.

    Damn, Sleestak, that photo of Hayley is dangerous to fragile hearts like mine!

  5. 1. If I thought that was really Hayley commenting I'd just die. I do get a lot of hits from England, Europe though, so hope springs eternal.

    2. Thanks, guys.

    3. Mari: I didn't keep track at first. I started to because I like to see where people were coming from. The thrilling part was when some Washington, DC Intellectual Property law firm was reading the site. Chest pains can be fun in moderation.

  6. I am in awe.

    And pudding.

    But mostly awe. Congrats, big guy!

  7. So were you as upset as I was when they had the audacity to make a remake of the movie, "The Parent Trap". AS IF anyone could do the parent trap other than Hayley. How dare them. I was so offended I didn't go see it. Well of course I didn't go see it, I was offended. There's a whole generation of kids out there who don't even know Hayley Mills. Now that is sad.......


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