Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Deli Zen

So I'm at the store and I'm lingering at the sea food deptartment, and I notice the live lobsters tank.

While the majority of the tasty critters are just sitting around doing nothing, a couple of them were not and were pretty active.

Two lobsters, banded claws and all, are facing off doing the whole territorial, alpha-crustacean thing.

These little guys are trapped and ultimately doomed, yet they continue jockeying to prove who's King Water-Bug of the tank by scuttling around, waving their claws about and trying to make the other back down into submission.

And at that moment, I was enlightened.

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  1. Grats on that, you going the bodizhatva route or have you become one with the universe?

  2. I think rather I'm going to become one with a 3 pound lobster.

  3. So what did you do, go up to the lobster stand and say, "Make me one with everything"?

  4. Actually, I asked how to get to Carnegie Hall.

  5. I think you can take the 6 train. Or maybe the 1/9.

  6. A Zen moment. My kids and I ate at Red Lobster recently, and as we were waiting for our table, I was watching the lobsters patiently waiting for a "hot water bath" and I felt sorry for them. A "death row" of sorts, and no last meal, just a pristine clean tank and their claws banded shut. I have never eaten a lobster, and never will.

    By the way, I wanted to be Hayley Mills. We grew up during the same era. And I loved her movies, her voice, her hair, her smile.....


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