Saturday, July 15, 2006

Firebird aka La Espirita aka Smokin' Hot Babe

From this...

Incredible Hulk #265 (November 1981)

To this...

West Coast Avengers #17 (February 1987)

To this.

Beyond! (May 2006)

I guess this is one little lamb that strayed from the flock. Personal sin and debauchery must agree with the devout La Espirita because she looks to have gained about a foot in height, de-aged about 10 years and and got about 40 times more Supergirl Clone-ier.

I understand the reasoning behind sexing up Marvel's own amateur Bride of Christ. A super-heroine in full nun habit must be a little too narrow of a niche demographic for the marketing gang at Marvel (we all know how well that idea worked for DC, after all). The traditional nun regalia doesn't lend itself to action figures due to it's concealing, non-tart design and it would inevitably lead to the horror of hundreds of tiny super-nun dolls being undressed in basements by "curious" fanboys.

"You've Come A Long Way, Baby!"


  1. Wow. I read that, and it didn't even occur to me that she was the same character as in those other panels (which I've also read, long agao --- oh, I've wasted my life).

    I guess you can't spell "madonna-whore complex" without "whore."

  2. I'm more baffled by the fact that she's suddenly Caucasian in the middle panel...

  3. Of course, we could avoid the whole "madonna-whore complex" thing if we stopped calling women who dress provocatively "tarts" and "whores." But what fun would that be?

  4. Hmm! I thought that Fallen Angel link was going to lead to Huntress.

  5. So she has something else in common with the Wasp other Hank.


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