Friday, July 21, 2006

Boogie Emerald Nights

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but the last few years of increasing awareness of how women characters are portrayed in comic books has yielded changes that I believe were an unintended consequence for the audience. The wide spread protests, snark and educational essays in blogs and forums have, ironically, actually caused the problems of the exploitation of gender to become worse.

Instead of writers and artists toning down the cheescake and soft porn in regards to women, they have instead increased the hyper-sexualization of the male characters in order to make all things equal.

Case in point, Alan Scott...


Guess the shoe is on the other foot now, so to speak.


  1. Judging by what we can see, two observations:

    1. He's a pervert (half mast on your way into battle?).
    2. He's left-handed.

  2. Yeah. Ew. So "this is what it's like for a girl"?

    I feel so marginalized.

  3. Above spam post deleted by me. It's not usually my policy to delete comments, but I hate a**holes that post commercial spam.

    I am curious as to how it is getting through the verification process, whch supposedly stops automated spam.

  4. That's just what I've wanted, equal opportunities for lust.

    I think if a spammer is human, it gets through because they can type the verification letters. Which is why I finally, reluctantly, turned on comment moderation. So I can delete it before it shows up on my blogs.

  5. Hey, i don't have a problem with it.

    Maybe it'll actually help women to see that there's really nothing wrong with such things. At least in terms of superhero fantasy fiction. :)


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